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Dapper Tours2018-08-31T19:55:17+00:00

We are the non touristy tour guide company that will show you the New York real New Yorkers know

You will ride through the thick of the action and see the sights like never before on a mode of transport as unique as the city around you. Each Dapper Experience is meticulously customized with you and your interests in mind. So whether your thing is vintage stores, chomping your way through amazing local eateries, or scouting out your favorite street artists in Brooklyn, your Dapper Sidecarist will make sure the experience is uniquely yours. If you are visiting this city for the first or thirty-first time, or you’re a resident wanting to know your city more intimately, check out the Book your Dapper Tours page to create an experience you won’t soon forget. Let us take you to your happy place!.

We mean it when we say it… your experience truly is our obsession!

What makes Dapper Tours different?

The heartbeat and mind behind Dapper Tours, Will D, is a New Yorker and prolific world traveler who knows what its like to want to see a city from the perspective of a local.Touring NYC via our motorcycle sidecars with your Dapper Sidecarist lends itself to that exact experience. There is no contending with a bus group of strangers to see and snap the sights they want to see. This experience is yours only. And… we won’t be surprised if at the end of it your knowledgeable Dapper Sidecarist will feel like a friend for life.

Why Dapper Tours ?

We’re big fans of style — not fashion. We feel each person has their individual style that displays much about their personality and who they are. We strongly believe when you look good, you feel good — and when you feel you, you’re more poised to reflect your best self.
Learn more about Dapper Tours and Ural Motorcycles at our Frequently Asked Questions page!
We want to give you our best as you experience NYC with Dapper Tours and it’s within this vein that we are sponsored by an absolutely amazing, style-forward clothing company called Brooklyn Circus.

We feel you can’t get more NY than Brooklyn Circus and we’re proud to be partnered with them for our selection of clothing during our tours.

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Frequently asked questions

New York is a huge city! is there a central point for us to meet before the tour?2018-07-17T04:43:38+00:00

True story. NYC is a huge city. So since we’re based in brooklyn,NY, we decided to meet close to our office space downtown brooklyn. To be specific, in front of 1 old fulton street(right in front of the shake shack), Brooklyn,NY,11201. The map on bottom left side of website shows the exact location as well. For some customers, we may be able to pick you up at one of our partner hotels in lower manhattan, or downtown brooklyn. Please inquire when booking and let us know where you will be staying. Thanks!!

My phone is dying. Help!2018-07-05T02:50:36+00:00

We got you covered. We have portable power chargers in the sidecar for you to plug your electronics in to get some juice.

We may want to do some shopping during the tour or we have our backpacks with us for convenience. How does that work?2018-07-05T02:49:26+00:00

The bikes have spacious trunks we can fit a few things in. Also there is a bike rack to put items if needed. Besides that, if you have a lot of luggage or are in town for only a few hours and need a place to store your stuff, we are partnered with You can leave your bigger luggage with them for a nominal fee at one of their locations in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Can we book tours and your Sidecarists for special events?2018-07-05T02:49:01+00:00

Please do! We’d be more than happy to work with you. Contact us @ bookings@dapper-tours and tell us more.

We really want to do the tour but it’s cold outside. What now?2018-07-05T02:48:45+00:00

We really put a lot of thought into this one. NYC winters can be pretty cold and snowy but that’s mostly in January and February. For the other months, we have heated faux throw blankets, gloves, heated seats, and a windscreen to protect you from the elements. You’ll be plenty warm in the Spring and late into the Fall — December, too!

My little one desperately wants to do the tour. Can he or she?2018-07-20T17:55:26+00:00

So, there really is no age requirement for moto passengers in NY State. But under Section 1251 of NY state vehicle and traffic law, it states “No operator shall carry any person, nor shall any person ride, in a position that will interfere with the operation or control of the motorcycle or the view of the operator”
So to ensure safety of your precious little one and to follow the law we came up with the following:
If your little one’s feet can touch the floor of the sidecar or the footpeg of back passenger seat of the motorcycle, they can ride. We provide DOT helmets for all guests, including your little one. We hope you understand as the safety of you and your little is our utmost priority.

We really hate to do this but something come up and we’ll have to cancel. What’s your policy on refunds?2018-07-05T02:47:38+00:00

Stuff happens. We totally get it. Here’s what we came up with that we thought fair for all parties:

7 Days in advance of your Dapper Tour: All good. Full refund (next time!).
3-6 Days in advance of your Dapper Tour: We’ll refund 50% of the fee.
2 days or less for your Dapper Tour: No refund (we hope you understand).

So let’s acknowledge the obvious. The weather is not perfect all the time. What happens if it rains or other inclement weather?2018-07-05T02:47:15+00:00

We agree. Inclement weather is such a bore! Unless you’re curled up under blankets at home. So here’s what we do when that happens. If it rains and you want to cancel — 100 percent refund, no questions asked. If you want to reschedule, we will do so at a 10% discount. If you’re into the rain and still want to have some fun, we’ll conduct the tour while strategically finding the coolest places to stop to keep you as dry as possible.

This is a pretty awesome concept but we’re wondering if we’ll be able to stop at times for pictures, bathroom, food, and stuff like that. How does that work?2018-07-05T02:46:55+00:00

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to take as many pictures as you want, (tag us when you post won’t you?). We know you are going to look back at your picture memories with a ton of nostalgia. Also, while you’re in our care, we really pride ourselves in looking after your every need and being able to accommodate you. So whether it’s bathroom or a food break…all of it..we got you covered.

Are there any physical limitations for the sidecar?2018-07-05T02:46:36+00:00

The sidecar is more spacious than it looks and can fit a person up to 7’ 1”(2.2 m). Legally though, the weight limit for these rigs are 280lbs (127kg). Please keep in mind that the sidecar motorcycle is very sensitive to weight distribution so your Sidecarist reserves the right to seat guests as necessary for safety.

Your routes seem very cool! But we may have special requests of things we want to see and maybe even design our own custom tour. Can we do that?2018-07-05T02:46:19+00:00

Our routes are pretty dope. You’ll see.. But it’s totally feasible for us to weave in specific places you want to check out. If possible, just let us know in advance so we can coordinate the logistics. As for totally custom tours, we’ve got you covered. The All Day Tour is whatever you want it to be. We can totally plan out the perfect day for you, or you can dictate to us want to do and we’ll put our Dapper touch on that day.

I dig English and all, but I prefer to do the tour in my native language. Is that possible?2018-07-05T02:45:59+00:00

Currently we offer tours in English but were working on getting guides for the other main languages. Stay tuned!

We’ve heard NYC can be pretty noisy, especially during traffic time. How will we hear each other on the tour?2018-07-05T02:45:02+00:00

What you call noise, we call “exuberant creative energy”! 🙂 But we know some might find that energy…distracting. We have enabled each of our helmets with Bluetooth speakers and mics that will allow you to hear each other perfectly, despite that exuberant energy happening all around us. By the way, all sidecar riders are require to wear a helmet according to NY State law. But don’t worry — you will still look pretty dapper.

My dog is cooler than most people I know 😉 Can I bring him/her?2018-07-05T02:44:29+00:00

We tend to agree…about the dogs being super cool part…us humans are pretty cool, too, though! 🙂 But for your four-legged best friend, we can take him as long as they are well behaved and reasonable size. Please keep in mind that some places you may want to visit may not allow pets, so that can impact your Dapper Experience.

The bikes seem to only take 3 people including the driver. What if I have a larger group?2018-07-05T02:44:00+00:00

You’re correct. They bikes take three by law and out of consideration for space. 1 Dapper guide, 1 guest on the pillion seat, and 1 guest in the sidecar. (Tip-we know everyone wants to ride in the sidecar so consider taking turns!). We have 3 bikes so can accommodate 6 guests. In the future, the group number we can accommodate per tour will increase but for now the maximum size group we can host is 8 persons. It keeps the tour personalized which everyone loves!

Now are they safe?2018-07-05T02:43:35+00:00

They are very safe unless you’re using them to fight in a war…and then all bets are off! Besides that, they are very safe especially since our Dapper guides operate the tours at a fairly slow pace of 25mph and under. A weird thing happens as people on the roads of New York City see you in an Ural sidecar. They become super nice and kind drivers – all eyes are on you as people can’t help but admire these beauties.

Also, we’re fully insured so you’re covered and good to go!

Ok, so this looks super cool but what exactly is a sidecar motorcycle and is it safe?2018-08-27T09:08:37+00:00

So, the Ural motorcycle is a product of some amazing reverse engineering and 2 countries not getting along. The whole story started in 1939 when Russia’s leader, Stalin, knew that Hitler was up to no good & would eventually attack them even though Germany and Russia had a peace treaty. In preparation of a ground attack he commissioned the development of the Ural sidecar motorcycle.

They went to neutral Sweden and bought 5 BMW R71 units, secretly smuggled them back to Russia and started to reverse engineer the heck out of the bikes. In 1941 the prototypes were shown to Stalin and he was so impressed he approved them immediately. The bikes were originally produced in a factory in Moscow but Stalin was so concerned with Germany’s infamous Blitzkrieg attacks that he decided to move the factory further east to a super remote town called Irbit in the Ural Mountain region close to the Siberian steppes.

Once the war was over Russia kept producing the bikes for the military and eventually, when the company was sold, they started making bikes for civilians. Ural has been at it ever since crafting beautiful, rugged and utilitarian bikes. We are thrilled that these machines of beauty fell into our hands and couldn’t imagine using another moto for Dapper Tours.

Give Dapper Tours a shout!

We’d love to hear from you! Please keep in mind to book a tour for more than 2 people at a time, please call for availaibility and special rates!!

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    833-TOUR-NYC (833-868-7692)
    Email us:
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